Motorcycle Accidents

Crucial Mistakes that Could Hurt Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Case

There are many types of Florida motorcycle accidents that occur on area roadways. These wrecks are usually dangerous and harmful to those involved, as over 95 percent result in some kind of injury.

If a negligent driver caused your Florida motorcycle accident, whether the driver did not see you or disregarded your right of way in an intersection, you may be eligible to earn financial compensation from a personal injury claim. This can cover medical bills, ongoing care, missed time at work, and much more. Remember to file your claim quickly, or you may not receive any compensation. There are time limits to filing a claim involving a motorcycle accident injury.

However, actually winning a personal injury case after a serious motorcycle wreck can be extremely complicated. You must prove fault in the accident and show how your injuries have affected your life. The insurance companies will fight and discredit your claim every step of the way.

The first thing to keep in mind is to get immediate medical attention after an accident and keep thorough records of all doctor visits and injuries. Never miss a doctor appointment and always follow every bit of instruction they give you. No matter how severe the accident, from a road burn injury to potential spinal injury, you should always get medical attention.

Additionally, it is important that you document as much as you can remember about the accident and how it occurred. Try to avoid talking about the wreck or your injuries with anyone but your own lawyer, as difficult as that may be.

Lastly, never sign anything from the insurance company and, if possible, never answer any questions from an insurance adjuster. You should politely direct all inquiries to your lawyer. Chalik & Chalik has lawyers located in Jacksonville, Sarasota, Orlando,  Miami, and other locations throughout Florida.

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