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Florida laws allow car accident victims to recover compensation through personal injury protection from their own insurance policies regardless of fault. If another driver is at fault, victims may be able to file a claim against that driver’s liability coverage.

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Whether you were injured in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or anywhere else in Florida, you have rights.

Florida roadways can present unique hazards for drivers.
South Florida attracts out-of-town residents in the wintertime, tourists year-round, and is a popular spot to relocate. While this may be beneficial to the local economy, it also means a lot of traffic clogging roadways and creating dangerous environments for drivers. What’s more, some out-of-towners and tourists are unfamiliar with the roads, which can also contribute to dangerous conditions. In addition to distracted drivers who are unfamiliar with our roadways, the high speed limit on I-95 and the rush hour traffic through South Florida can also increase risk of a traffic accident.

From auto accidents related to DUI to texting and driving, whatever the cause of the injury you deserve to be compensated for others’ negligence. Always remember though, in Florida there is a time limit on filing your claim.

A History of Results for Auto Accident Victims

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Automobile accident. Defective tire incident.



Settlement. Defective tire case, Bridgestone and Ford.



Pedestrian accident resulting in a pelvic injury.



Defective tire accident resulting in a brain injury



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Types of Compensation

What kind of compensation could you receive after a car accident?

The type of damages you can receive depends on the circumstances of each claim- such as severity of your injuries from the car accident, what type of accident, the damages to your vehicle and even the time spent during your recovery. Your attorney can advise you on what you can expect to receive based on the details of your claim. If you have been injured in an accident, you may be able to receive compensation for several types of damages, including:


Payment for medical bills


Compensation for pain and suffering


Recovery of lost wages


Recover for lost future earning potential

There are many causes of accidents and injuries due to negligence on Florida’s roadways. Our focus allows us to handle car accident cases of all types. We have won multi-million dollar settlements for clients whose lives were changed forever due to accidents and catastrophic injuries.

Answers About Car Accident Lawsuits

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Insurance companies are not on your side
After an accident, make sure you contact your insurance company and/or the other driver’s insurance company to inform them of the accident. You may be tempted to deal with the insurance adjusters yourself, however, keep in mind that the insurance companies are not on your side.

They do not stay in business by paying every claim. Even your own insurance company may not automatically take your side in a claim. An accident attorney can negotiate with the insurance companies to get you the best settlement available.

Accidents with drivers from other states or countries is a common concern among drivers in South Florida. But if you’re in an accident with an out-of-state driver, it does not matter where the other driver lives.

Florida law says that the person who hit you may be sued wherever the accident occurred. Although it may be more difficult for that person to make court appointments if your claim goes before a judge, you needn’t worry about whether the law will require that person to fully compensate you.

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