News - Tire Defects

Fatal collision due to tire separation

Tire separation was the cause of a deadly crash that occurred between a tractor-trailer and the south median guardrail on Interstate 95 in West Melbourne, Fla. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident took place in the vicinity of Palm Bay Road where a tractor-trailer was carrying a road construction excavator. The excavator fell… read more

To Retread or Not to Retread: Review the Pros and Cons of Using Retreaded Tires

Fleet industries and consumers alike often wonder whether or not retreaded tires are as safe and reliable as tires with virgin casings. Across the board, from university researchers to trucking forums, there is no research or even anecdotal evidence that shows any differences in quality amongst the two. Pros of Retreaded Tires The primary reason… read more

Tire Blowouts: How They Occur and How to Repair Them

Tire blowouts are a serious matter on the road because they can lead to severe accidents. There are many different causes of tire blowouts. After the blowout, there may be legal claims drivers can pursue if they suffered harm from an accident. Tire Blowout Causes Roadway conditions are a major cause of tire blowouts. If… read more