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Buses are considered common carriers, vehicles that carry passengers for money. As common carriers, buses have higher standards for safety than typical motor vehicles. Bus companies must take due care to prevent accidents relating to driver negligence, vehicle breakdowns, and other issues during the transport of passengers. Bus accidents can occur due to a variety of factors. In most cases, however, there are one or more parties that caused or contributed to the harmful collision. When this is the case, accident victims may have legal recourse available.

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Who Is Liable for Your Bus Accident?

After a bus accident that leaves you in the hospital with expensive medical bills and lost income from missed days at work, your first question might be, “Who is liable for paying for my damages?” There are many parties who might be responsible, so one conversation with an attorney can help you settle this matter. Retaining an attorney can mean starting the claims process through an insurance company and/or the civil court system as soon as possible. There are a few possibilities when it comes to legal responsibility for a bus accident in Fort Lauderdale:

Determining liability for bus accidents in Fort Lauderdale requires an investigation of what caused your injuries. There may be more than one party to blame for what happened to you, so these issues can complex. Working with attorneys with a long history of success can give you confidence in the face of complicated bus accident claims in Fort Lauderdale. Call the law office of Chalik & Chalik today for help, and remember, consultations are always free.

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