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You could be seriously injured if you slipped and fell in a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant in Florida. Greasy floors, crowds of other customers, and a crowded floor plan can increase the odds that you will fall and injure yourself while trying to get food on the road.

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Go Over Information About Wendy’s

Wendy’s first opened in 1969. The company made a name for itself by selling “old-fashioned” hamburgers and Frosties. Stores also sell chicken dishes, salads, and chili. Some franchises are open for breakfast.

There are around 6,711 Wendy’s in operation currently. Most of these locations are franchised and the majority are located in the U.S. However, about 8% of Wendy’s in operation are located in different countries around the world.

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Slip and Fall Risks at Wendy’s in Florida

You may visit a Wendy’s planning to get a tasty hamburger, fries, and a Frosty. Unfortunately, you could face a number of hazards that can easily cause a slip and fall accident. Common slip and fall risks found in Wendy’s can include:

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere in a Wendy’s. However, slip and fall accidents are more common in certain areas, such as the bathrooms or the entry and exit to the store. You may need help from a slip and fall lawyer regardless of where your accident occurred.

Get Medical Help After You Slip and Fall at Wendy’s

It is important that you seek fast treatment for your injuries after a slip and fall accident at a Wendy’s in Florida. You may need medical care if you suffer:

Getting medical treatment promptly can help your slip and fall lawyer demonstrate that your accident caused your injuries. This can make it easier to secure you the compensation you need to move forward after your accident.

Gather Evidence Immediately After You Slip and Fall

You should reach out to a slip and fall lawyer as quickly as possible after your accident. You can also take some other simple steps to increase your chances of getting maximum damages for your losses. Make sure that you:

Taking these steps can make it more difficult for representatives from Wendy’s to deny your claim. Find out how you can secure the damages you need by reaching out to Jason and Debi Chalik right away. We can guide you to take the right steps after you are injured in a Wendy’s.

Premises Liability Claims and Wendy’s Restaurants in Florida

In many cases, you can seek full compensation after a Wendy’s slip and fall accident by filing a premises liability claim. This claim can award you damages for your:

You may only be able to get compensation if your lawyer can prove that the property owner was liable for your accident. Jason and Debi Chalik can work aggressively to build a strong claim for you. We can:

Let us work to bring you a fair settlement offer that can cover all of your losses. Your lawyer can even take your claim to court, if insurance agents refuse to offer you the compensation you need to recover from all of your losses.

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