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Craft stores like Hobby Lobby can offer customers fun and creative ideas related to painting and the arts. Hobby Lobbies also sell home décor in most locations. These stores can be bustling, busy, and sometimes dangerous.

Property owners at Hobby Lobbies in Florida are required to ensure their stores are free of hazards, but sometimes they shirk this responsibility, leading to a slip and fall accident. You could be entitled to compensation if you or a loved one slipped and fell in a Hobby Lobby.

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Get the Facts About Hobby Lobby Stores

Hobby Lobby is a retail store with 822 sites operating in the year 2019. The chain is financially successful, with a revenue of $4.3 billion in the year 2016. Around 32,000 people are employed in Hobby Lobbies around the country.

Hobby Lobby stores seek to distinguish themselves based on Christian values. However, this does not mean that property owners will be happy to compensate you if you slip and fall in a store. Instead, your claims could be denied as store representatives:

You may need help from a slip and fall lawyer in Florida when it’s time to stand up to the powerful representatives for Hobby Lobby. Reach out to the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik right now to get legal advice.

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Risks That Can Lead to Slip and Fall Accidents in Hobby Lobby

As we mentioned, Hobby Lobbies are craft stores. This means that they sell many types of paint, glue, and other slick substances. If these products are dropped or develop a leak, they can leave behind slippery puddles that could result in a slip and fall accident.

You could also slip and fall in a Hobby Lobby if property owners do not address hazards like:

Sometimes, individuals slip and fall after walking through an area of the store that was recently cleaned and not yet dried. If these areas are not appropriately marked with warning signs, you could be able to get compensation for your resulting injuries.

Types of Injuries Associated with Slip and Fall Accidents

Sometimes, individuals slip and fall without experiencing a severe injury. In the best-case scenario, you will be able to stand up and brush yourself off after a fall. Unfortunately, serious injuries are a common outcome of slip and fall accidents. You could need medical care if you fall and:

Make sure that you report your accident if you slip and fall. It’s important that property owners file an accident report, as this can help you get the compensation you deserve. Ensuring your accident is properly documented immediately can serve as the foundation for your claim. You should also get medical care right away if you are severely hurt in a slip and fall accident, establishing that your accident caused your injuries.

Hobby Lobby and Premises Liability Claims

Like all property owners in Florida, the owners of Hobby Lobby stores are required to ensure their stores are safe environments. This means that property owners have a “duty of care” to you while you shop. They must quickly remove any hazards present in their property, so your well-being is not endangered.

Property owners that fail to uphold their duty of care can face a premises liability claim in Florida. Jason and Debi Chalik can help you file a premises liability claim after you slip and fall in a Hobby Lobby. We can build your claim by:

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