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7-Eleven stores initially made a name for themselves by opening at 7 a.m. and closing at 11 p.m., something unheard of at the time. Nowadays, 7-Elevens in Florida are generally open around the clock, which means you could slip and fall at these convenience stores at any time of the day or night.

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Get Familiar with 7-Eleven Stores

7-Elevens are convenience stores well known for selling a variety of products to travelers on the go, including Slurpees and Big Gulp drinks. Many 7-Elevens also sell fuel for vehicles, although not all stores include this service.

You can find 7-Elevens in many locations in Florida as well as different countries in Asia and Europe. Whether you’re close to home or traveling to see distant sites, there are decent odds that you’ll find a 7-Eleven close by.

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You Could Slip and Fall Anywhere in a 7-Eleven

7-Eleven’s position as a multi-national company does not mean that these stores are always safe for customers. In fact, slip and fall accidents can happen in and around 7-Elevens for a variety of reasons. Many individuals slip and fall:

These areas may be particularly hazardous:

The property owners of 7-Elevens have a responsibility to clean up potential hazards quickly, so customers can make their purchases in a safe environment.

Injuries Commonly Caused by 7-Eleven Slip and Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling in a 7-Eleven can leave you dealing with severe injuries. You could require immediate medical treatment for:

You should get medical treatment right away for any injuries sustained when you slipped and fell. It’s important that you get records for the medical care you received. Documenting your slip and fall accident by filing an incident report and getting medical treatment right away can make it easier for your personal injury lawyer to ensure you get maximum compensation for your losses.

Get Professional Help Following a Slip and Fall Accident

In addition to getting medical care after a slip and fall accident, you should reach out to the legal professionals at the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik. Contact us right away if you need a slip and fall lawyer in Florida, as your lawyer can:

It’s especially important that you reach out to Jason and Debi Chalik before you speak with insurance agents or other representatives for 7-Eleven. These individuals can try to get you to agree to a subpar settlement offer if you speak with them alone. They could even try to get you to admit responsibility for slipping and falling, which could prevent you from getting any compensation for your expenses.

Understand Your Premises Liability Claim in Florida

Securing compensation after a slip and fall accident in Florida generally requires you to file a premises liability claim. The Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik can help you file this claim. In order to get the compensation you deserve, your lawyers will need to show that:

Let Jason and Debi Chalik get to work establishing these facts for you today, so you can get the damages you need.

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