Understanding Basic Tire Repair Standards

Getting a tire repaired can be a good, cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new tire. But it’s important to take your tire to a repair person who uses proper repair techniques. Poor repairs increase the risk of tire failure and subsequent crashes.

Basic Criteria for Tire Repairs

Shockingly, nearly 88 percent of all tire repairs are done improperly, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA). Below are some basic criteria for tire repairs, provided by the RMA. 

The Importance of Proper Repairs

Why is it so important to ensure your tires are repaired properly? The owner of Executive Wholesale Tire, James Rogers, has the perfect answer, “If a tire is not repaired properly, it could cause leakage of the air, which would be uninflated. When you drive a tire uninflated, it builds up substantial heat which could cause a catastrophic failure in the tire, which could cause rollover of the automobile, and it could injure the occupants in the car or in another car coming in the opposite direction.” In other words, an improper repair could equal blowout, crash, and injury.

Ensuring Your Tires are Safe

“A repaired tire can be returned to service, but it’s up to the consumer to make sure that tire remains safe,” states Dan Zielinski, Senior Vice President of RMA.  You’ll want take the following simple tips into consideration to do your part and minimize your risk of tire failure and tire-related crashes. 

Tire-Related Accident Attorney in Florida

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