Yokohama Tire Manufacturer Lawsuits

Many tire defects are the result of shoddy design or poor manufacturing processes. Noncompliance with design standards and failure to adhere to stringent manufacturing processes, especially when manufacturing duties are outsourced to foreign companies, are all factors in the growing number of lawsuits related to tire defects.

A tire defect lawsuit is different from a regular car accident or injury claim. For one thing, lawsuits involve product liability laws that are more complicated than regular accident or injury tort laws. Further, these lawsuits are filed against major corporations like Yokohama Tire Corporation, rather than a liability insurance company.

Companies like Yokohama are armed with extensive legal and financial resources to defend themselves against your claim. Make sure you have a legal team on your side to help recover damages for your losses Speak with a tire defect lawyer at Chalik & Chalik to understand your options for compensation recovery.

Yokohama Defective Tire Recalls

In some cases, a lawsuit may involve a tire that’s also subject to a recall. Yokohama has initiated several recalls because of defects that increase the risk of tire tread separation, failures and blowouts:

But whether or not the tire was subject to a recall, if it was defective, you may have a valid claim against the manufacturer if you can prove it was defective and caused your accident.

Do I have a Yokohama tire failure case?

This is a question that your tire defect lawyer will address most effectively. However, at the most basic level, your car must have been involved in an accident in order to pursue compensation in a lawsuit. Providing evidence that the accident was linked to a defective tire on the car is much more difficult than many people expect. This will require extensive investigation of the tire in question and might even require the services of forensic accident reconstruction experts and biomechanical analysts who will be able to provide evidence that a defective tire was responsible for the accident.

Tire defects are not responsible for every rollover accident, and even if a tire failure caused a rollover, other factors could have contributed to the accident. You can expect the attorneys for the tire manufacturer to come up with these defenses to your product liability claim and more. In such cases, make sure you have lawyers who can help you pursue the claim and fair damages.

Defective tire claims can be very complicated and require extensive financial and legal resources so you can build a solid case. To understand whether you have a viable Yokohama tire failure claim, speak with a tire defect lawyer at our firm.

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