Pep Boys Tire Lawsuits

Pep Boys is well-known as a tire service center, but is also a tire manufacturer. And while many of the tires that this company creates are free of any problems, others contain defects that have contributed to serious accidents. Many accident victims and their families have initiated defective tire lawsuits to recover compensation for the resulting injuries and death. The following provides a sampling of the lawsuits in which Pep Boys has been involved:

Asnel Chery v. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, The Pep Boys Manny, Moe & Jack et al.

This lawsuit involved several defendants, including Pep Boys. The suit alleged that Cooper Cornell Tires Radial tires were defective. Cooper Tire designed, manufactured and distributed the tire, at the direction of Pep Boys, according to the complaint. Pep Boys also sold and installed the defective tire in 2006.

The lawsuit centers on an August 2010 accident in which Marie Chery was driving her BMW in Osceola County, Florida, when the right rear tire experienced tread separation, causing the car to lose control and careen into the guardrail. Marie Chery died as a result of the crash, and her husband, Asnel, initiated a lawsuit against Pep Boys and the other defendants. The complaint against the defendants was filed in 2012.

Ramos v. Cooper Rubber Tire Co., The Pep Boys Manny, Moe & Jack, and Ford Motor Company

In May of 2009, Salvador Ramos, and his wife, Maria Teresa Ramos, were killed in an accident that involved a vehicle with tires manufactured by Cooper Tires and distributed by Pep Boys. In March of 2010, a lawsuit was filed against Cooper Tires and Pep Boys. Additionally, a second amended complaint for damages was filed against Cooper Tires, Pep Boys, and the Ford Motor Company in September of the same year, alleging that the accident had been caused by rear tire tread separation.

Focal Point of Lawsuits

The two cases cited above are two of the more tragic lawsuits in which Pep Boys has been involved. However, many other tires have been involved in accidents and lawsuits over the years, including the recent suit filed on behalf of four California residents who sustained serious injuries when a tire that was manufactured by Cooper Tires and distributed by Pep Boys came apart, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Further, Pep Boys sells many tire brands in addition to Cooper Tires that could be subject to recalls or may be defective in some way.

Injured? Call a Defective Tire Attorney in Florida Today

While lawsuits and recalls can help bring attention to the issue of dangerous tires, there are still many out there who have been injured in an accident caused by a defective tire and haven’t received the compensation they deserve.

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