Hankook Tire Defect Lawsuits

South Korea-based Hankook Tire Corporation faces several detective tire lawsuits involving accidents, injuries and fatalities related to their tires. Manufacturers may be liable for any damages that result from the accident, which can vary from one case to the next.

Lawsuits against Hankook Tire Corporation

Several plaintiffs who have suffered injuries in accidents in cars with Hankook tires have recovered compensation for their losses and injuries. In one such lawsuit, Cortez et al. v. Hankook Tire Corporation et al., the company reached a confidential settlement with the family of a young woman. The accident occurred in Texas after the failure of the plaintiff’s right rear tire. That led to a rollover accident, which killed the woman.

Many of the accident cases linked to Hankook tires involve tire failure. Such failures typically are the result of tire tread separation. Hankook has recalled numerous tires for a tread separation problem. If you were involved in an accident in a vehicle that was equipped with defective Hankook tires, you may have a case against the tire manufacturer for damages. Speak with a lawyer to discuss your legal rights to compensation.

Examples of Hankook Tire Defects

In 2013, Hankook Tire America recalled Dynapro MT RT03 tires manufactured between August 2011 and September 2013. The recall was linked to a potential for belt and tread edge separation, eventually leading to tire failure, and loss of control over the car.

In 2010, the company recalled about 17,000 tires in a recall linked to a lower-than-expected sidewall performance during internal testing. This recall involved the Dynapro AS RH03, and according to Hankook, the defect could cause excessive wear and tear of the sidewall tires, increasing the risk of an accident.

Who can claim compensation in a Hankook tire defect lawsuit?

Any person, who was involved in an accident caused by a Hankook tire, may claim compensation in a tire defect lawsuit. However, determining whether a defective Hankook tire caused your accident isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Under US product liability laws, you do not have to prove that the company was willfully negligent in producing a defective tire. However, you have to prove that your injuries or losses occurred because of the defective product. In other words, a defective Hankook tire must have caused the accident in which you were involved.

Companies like Hankook Tire have years of experience battling personal injury or wrongful death claims in product liability litigation. That amounts to solid experience breaking down plaintiffs’ claims of negligence. Victims who wish to pursue compensation for their damages should seek legal representation.

Our lawyers represent clients involved in defective tire lawsuits filed against large, multinational corporations. Discuss your claim with an attorney at Chalik & Chalik in Florida: we will help you understand whether you have a viable claim.

Compensation in a Tire Defect Lawsuit

Compensation recoverable in a tire defect lawsuit could include:

The damages recoverable in a particular case will vary from others, even if it involved the same tires. An attorney can help you collect relevant documents and other evidence to demonstrate not only that a tire is responsible for the accident, but to prove the value and extent of your damages.

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