Sumitomo Tire Defects

Sumitomo Tire Corporation has announced several recalls of different brands of tires in recent years. Sumitomo manufactures tires sold under a number of brand names, including Dunlop. Many of those tires are included in recalls that the company has announced over the years.

For instance, in November 2007, the company recalled Dunlop Scootline Sx01 tires for a potential tread separation problem. The problem involved 195 vehicles equipped with these defective tires, and according to the company, the tires had potential for tread separation, leading to loss of control of the vehicle and an accident.

In October 2006, 9,672 Sumitomo Cyclone Radial GT tires were subject to a recall related to tire tread and belt problems. The tires might develop a belt separation related to corrosion of steel wires. This could increase the risk of an accident.

As a motorist, learn more about how to stay informed of recalls involving Sumitomo and other tires. Also, learn what to do if your tires are the subject of a manufacturer or federal recall.

Sumitomo Tire Defect Resources

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the official go-to resource for tire defect and recall information. Check out the NHTSA website. The website is a treasure trove of information on safety problems or complaints involving auto components, like tires. provides a database of:

It is easy to use and allows you to enter the name of the tire manufacturer and model of the tire, if you choose, to search for recalls. Simply click on “Sumitomo” or another manufacturer on the drop-down menu, and look for tires involved in recalls and named in complaints. not only provides information about recalls related to Sumitomo tires, but also complaints that the database has received about the tires. These are complaints filed by consumers, who have encountered problems while using their Sumitomo tires.

For instance, a person may experience a tire blowout that doesn’t necessarily cause an accident, but does cause alarm since the tire is fairly new. If the person files a complaint with the Office of Defects Investigation, his complaint will show up in your search results.

My Sumitomo tire is included in a recall. What should I do next?

If you find that your Sumitomo tires are included in any recalls, contact the NHTSA hotline at 855-529-0269. The agency will guide you about the next course of action to take with your tires. The manufacturer should also contact you about the next steps you should take to correct the defect or replace the tires. Typically, a tire manufacturer will provide free repairs or replacements of the defective tire in question. Also, contact Sumitomo on its official webpage for more information about what to do with your defective tire.

Meanwhile, if your tires caused an accident that led to serious injuries, you can file a claim for damages. Your claim may seek compensation for any resultant medical bills as well as lost wages during recovery or future wages if you’re unable to return to work. You may also pursue pain and suffering damages, so speak with an attorney about the extent of your damages and to learn more about your case.

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