3 Common Types of Car Accidents & Their Associated Injuries

From head-on collisions to multi-car pileups, there are dozens of types of scenarios that lead to car accidents on a daily basis. A survey from examined incidents reported by insurance shoppers on its site as they compared rates. It found that 45 percent of car accident claims involved one motor vehicle striking another motor vehicle, and single car-accident account for approximately 8 percent of accidents.

Two-Vehicle Traffic Accidents

One motor vehicle colliding with another is the most common situation reported in traffic accidents. There are numerous types of two-vehicle car accidents, including:

  • hitting a parked vehicle;
  • head-on collisions;
  • semi-trucks colliding with a passenger vehicle;
  • side-impact wrecks; and
  • rear-ending another car.

Some of these types of accidents might lead to only minor injuries. Slow-speed collisions or parking lot fender benders, for instance, may not cause any injuries at all. In moderately severe accidents, injuries may include bruises, abrasions and broken bones.

Head-on collisions and truck-car accidents may be associated with the most severe injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries and fatalities, though any serious accident can cause these and other severe injuries.

Single-Car Accidents

Accidents that only involve a single car may be attributed to factors such as:

  • inclement weather;
  • poor road conditions;
  • inadequate road signage;
  • driving while tired or under the influence;
  • driving distractedly; or
  • mechanical malfunction.

In a single-car collision, cars may roll over, collide with a stationary object, or skid off the road into the water or a ditch.

The injuries sustained in single-car motor vehicle accidents depend upon the nature of the collision, such as a how fast the car was travelling. For instance, in high-speed collisions with stationary objects such as medians, injuries may be severe. Rollover accidents also can cause more serious injuries.

Multi-Car Accidents

Multi-car accidents are often the result of a chain reaction. These accidents sometimes occur because a commercial truck flips or spills is cargo on the road, because one driver had to stop suddenly in traffic, or because one car hit another and pushed it into the path of other vehicles.

Multi-car accidents can cause relatively minor injuries such a whiplash or severe and fatal injuries. One massive multi-vehicle pile-up attributed to fog conditions recently occurred in the UK. More than 100 cars were involved, which left a “trail of carnage that stretched for almost 500 yards,” reported the Daily Mail. Eight major injuries and more than 200 minor injuries occurred, but amazingly, no one was killed.

Legal Counsel in Florida from a Car Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one was recently involved in a car accident, contact a local attorney for a case review. Legally speaking, many accidents are quite complicated, especially in cases where fault is refuted, or there are multiple parities involved.

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