Prescription Drugs and Labor-Inducing Drugs that May Harm Mother and Baby

Unfortunately, some doctors may negligently prescribe drugs that may be unsafe for the mother or child to pregnant women or may administer certain labor-inducing drugs that cause harm.

Merck, which produces the Merck Manual Home Health Handbook, notes that about 2 to 3 percent of birth defects are the result of drugs that women take to treat a medical disorder or symptom.

Do not determine which medicines to take or not take on your own. If you have a medical problem that requires a medication such as a heart condition or seizure, then changing or stopping that medicine may pose more of a risk for you and your baby than taking it. Always speak to your doctor first before making any medicine changes.

But if a doctor negligently prescribes or administers a drug and it leads to harm, parents may pursue compensation from the negligent medical professional.

Prescription Drug Dangers During Pregnancy

Certain prescription drugs may pose a risk to the mother or child during pregnancy. Talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of starting, stopping or modifying treatment before taking any action. Two examples of prescription drugs that may cause harm are below:

Pregnant women should discuss any over-the-counter medications or herbal supplements with their doctor before taking them. These may be linked to pregnancy complications or may interact with other drugs the mother is taking.

Labor-Inducing Drug Dangers

In some cases, doctors may use labor-inducing drugs to get labor started, though some drugs may be associated with:

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