Florida Fetal Stroke Birth Injury Lawyers

Florida Fetal Stroke Birth Injury Lawyers

Fetal stroke occurs during pregnancy and puts the unborn child at risk for brain damage and other health complications. Some cases cannot be anticipated or prevented. In other cases, a doctor’s or hospital’s negligence directly or indirectly may cause stroke and resultant injury.

Do you have reason to suspect your doctor or other delivery staff made a mistake that led to your child’s injury? The Florida-based attorneys at Chalik & Chalik help parents like you determine whether they have the grounds for a medical malpractice claim. If you have sufficient cause for an injury claim, you may be able to seek compensation to address your child’s short- and long-term care.

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A 2004 entry in Pediatric Neurology by researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine notes that a fetal stroke can occur at any point from the 14th week of pregnancy to the onset of labor and delivery. Fetal stroke is caused by a restriction or loss of blood flow to the baby’s brain. This may occur because of trauma, hemorrhaging or internal bleeding.

Some of the most serious complications of fetal stroke include:

The most serious cases can result in fetal death.

Fetal Stroke: Causes and Liability

Stanford University’s research team identified a number of various risk factors and characteristics, but determined that trauma is a common cause. A 2012 study published in Archives of Disease in Childhood, Fetal and Neonatal Edition by researchers in the Netherlands determined that maternal infection/fever also play a role.

Other contributing factors may include, but are not limited to:

Doctor or hospital negligence may play a role in any of the above-listed factors. Our attorneys will talk to you about the full details of your case and conduct thorough investigations to determine what caused your child’s injury. We work with medical experts to build birth injury claims that take your child’s short- and long-term medical needs into account.

Some of the damages you may seek in a birth injury claim include:

We have the resources available to help you calculate the value of a fair and sufficient injury claim.

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