Was It My Fault?

Unfortunately, many mothers are inclined to blame themselves for their child’s birth injury. This may be especially true when a doctor or hospital attempts to deflect blame from themselves in cases where medical negligence occurred. A doctor may dissuade a mother from contacting an attorney by telling her it was her fault the baby was injured at birth.

In some cases, natural physical or genetic characteristics are to blame for a birth injury. In other cases, a doctor’s or hospital’s mistake is to blame. A parent who has doubts about what caused an injury should speak to an attorney. A lawyer can provide insight into the common causes of birth injury and a parent’s right to pursue fair compensation.

Common Causes of Birth Injury

A wide range of factors can lead to birth injuries like Erb’s palsy, brain damage and cerebral palsy.

Some of the most commonly recognized causes or contributing factors of birth injury include:

Some factors in a birth injury are difficult to anticipate or treat. But in other cases, adequate prevention, care, monitoring and intervention can reduce or eliminate the risk. An attorney can talk to the parents to determine the nature of the injury and who is actually to blame for a child’s disability or illness.

How a Birth Injury Attorney Determines Who is at Fault

An attorney can offer parents a free initial consultation and case evaluation to determine whether there is evidence of medical negligence. Some of the ways in which an attorney can determine who is liable for a birth injury include:

This is just a small sampling of the kinds of research and investigation an attorney can conduct in the pursuit of a Florida birth injury claim. Instead of blaming yourself for what happened to you and your child, learn who was really at fault for your child’s injury.

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