Florida Brain Cooling Errors Birth Injury Lawyer

Chalik & Chalik has helped numerous families who have experienced a range of birth injuries caused by negligence, including those stemming from failure to administer proper treatment, like brain cooling methods.

A baby deprived of sufficient oxygen just prior to or during birth is at risk of suffering brain damage. Medical professionals have a variety of diagnostic and treatment options available to assist in the prevention of permanent brain injury. One of these options is what is known as “brain cooling.” A claim may argue that a doctor was negligent if he or she failed to administer proper treatment when other reasonable professionals would have done so.

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What is brain cooling?

Babies who have experienced hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy may benefit from hypothermia treatment. This innovative treatment is essentially a cooling technique used to lower an infant’s body temperature from 98.6 to 92.3 degrees for 72 hours.

Doctors are increasingly using cooling treatments to mitigate the damage caused by oxygen deprivation. Options for treatment include the use of a water-cooled cap or fluid-filled blanket.

If a medical professional fails to diagnose the potential for brain damage and/or does not take appropriate actions to lessen injury, other medical experts may argue that he or she committed an error. A delay in diagnosis and treatment increases the odds of severe brain damage and even death.

Our South Florida-based attorneys will work with medical experts to analyze the events that transpired immediately after your child’s birth. You may have grounds for a claim if the facts demonstrate that a doctor or other professional committed an error or was otherwise negligent.

Compensation Available When a Medical Error Causes Injury

Failure to administer proper treatment or to manage the infant’s condition properly can increase the child’s chances of suffering permanent brain injury. Such injuries are expensive to treat over a child’s lifetime. This is why we encourage parents to consider all viable avenues for financial compensation. A fair and sufficient settlement or award may help you provide the best medical and therapeutic care for your child. Our Florida birth injury experts can help determine the short- and long-term costs associated with providing such care.