Florida Truck Accident Types

Multiple Truck Accidents Happen Everyday

There are semi trucks everywhere on the roads in South Florida. Because of their large size and blind spots, it is not uncommon for trucks to be involved in traffic accidents in Florida. While circumstances surrounding each truck accident are unique, below is a list of the common types including:

  • Rollover crash – When a trucker swerves left and then right again to avoid something, it can cause the truck to overturn and crash.
  • Jack knife accident – When a truck driver slams on the brakes going downhill, the trailer may swing out and cause the truck to fold, turn, or spin out of control. As a result, the truck may jackknife and collide with other cars.
  • Underride accident – This is an accident in which a driver of a passenger vehicle following the truck slides under the rear of the truck.
  • Override accident – This accident occurs when a truck driver literally rolls over a pedestrian, motorcyclist, or smaller vehicle.
  • Pileup accident – This multi-car crash can occur from a chain reaction. If a truck is traveling too fast and cannot stop in time, then, upon impact, the truck can push a car into other vehicles and cause a pileup.
  • Brake failure accident – When a tractor trailer is traveling downhill, and the brakes malfunction, an accident is most likely to occur.
  • Head-on collision – When a trucker veers into oncoming traffic, head-on accidents in South Florida can occur. Typically, this happens due to distracted driving or driver fatigue.
  • Rear-end accident – If a truck is speeding and cannot stop in time for the stopped car, a rear-end crash could occur.
  • Lost load accident – If a truck’s load is not properly secured, then items can fall off the truck and cause others to wreck.
  • Unsecured load accident – If a truck’s load is not secured, then the items inside the trailer may shift around and cause a truck to overturn.

Many truck accidents are caused by negligence of others.  Some of the most common causes of truck accidents are fatigue, driving under the influence and many others.  If you have been in a truck accident, or a loved one was killed, call an experienced lawyer to determine who was at fault.  If your accident was caused by negligence on the part of the trucker, poor vehicle maintenance, or defective equipment, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

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