Fort Lauderdale Truck Accident Attorneys

Large truck accidents are more likely to result in the injury and death of passenger vehicle drivers, not the truck driver. The size and weight of 18-wheelers exert too much kinetic energy on smaller passenger vehicles, leading to severe injuries to people inside the smaller vehicle. Unfortunately, negligent truck drivers and trucking companies are often at fault for these wrecks – the parties that typically suffer the least damage.

If you or someone you love were recently involved in an accident with a large truck in Fort Lauderdale, speak to personal injury attorneys, Jason and Debi Chalik of the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik for legal advice.

Truck Accident Liability

Commercial trucks are unique in that they must obey all roadway rules in Fort Lauderdale as well as federal rules regarding large truck maintenance and performance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration imposes laws regarding truck drivers’ hours of service, fleet upkeep, and cargo loading – to name a few out of hundreds of regulations. Trucking companies must engage in sound hiring and training practices, as well as performance checks on vehicle maintenance and inspections. Breaking any of the laws surrounding trucking and resulting in an accident is an act of negligence. Common causes of truck accidents in Fort Lauderdale include:

If a truck driver’s act of negligence or recklessness causes the crash, the courts will almost always hold the trucking company liable. In the past, companies avoided liability by renting fleets and hiring independent contractors. However, the law today makes trucking companies responsible for trucks and drivers operating under the company’s name. Accident victims can pursue compensation through the trucking company’s insurer in most cases. If the accident resulted from another factor such as another driver on the road, a failed truck part, or a roadway hazard, the third party may share or take over liability for the crash.

Pursue Compensation with Help from Our Attorneys

Semis merging on top of vehicles, failing to brake fast enough, or overturning on the highway are unfortunately rather common news headlines for Floridians. Despite plenty of laws that strive to make trucking safer for all involved, the sheer volume of trucks on the highways pose a threat to all drivers in Fort Lauderdale. Defensive driving can only help so much when it comes to preventing a truck accident. Sometimes, another party’s negligence makes a devastating crash inevitable. When the worst happens, know you have lawyers willing to come to your aid in South Florida.

At the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik, we’ve handled dozens of Fort Lauderdale truck accident cases in our firm’s history. These types of crashes are sadly all too common on Fort Lauderdales busy highways. We understand the state and federal laws regulating the commercial trucking industry and know how to file the right paperwork to get the claims process moving as soon as possible for clients. We can help your fight for just recovery for your medical costs, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, lost capacity to earn, and pain and suffering from a big rig wreck. Call our Fort Lauderdale truck accident lawyers now for expert legal advice and a free, no obligation consultation.



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