Truck Accidents

Florida Truck Accident Risk, Don’t Fight Them Alone

When you think of a wreck with another vehicle typically cars, pickup trucks or even 18-wheelers likely come to mind. However, in many instances, the most dangerous wrecks come from where you least expect. Some of these are caused by commercial trucks.

There are likely many more commercial trucks on the road than you expect, and each one poses a potential risk to you and your family.  Trucks or vans owned by companies to handle deliveries or transportation for their business are considered commercial.

Examples of commercial trucks:

  • Power or electric trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Cement mixer trucks
  • Construction equipment
  • UPS/Fedex trucks
  • Utility or cable trucks
  • Flower delivery trucks

Some common causes of truck accidents are fatigue, reckless driving and even distracted driving.  Of course these types of accidents are only limited to commercial truck drivers, they happen everyday with many types of drivers.  But in the instances of commercial traffic, they are on the road more often, which can increase the risks.

The biggest difference in commercial vehicle accidents is that if you are a victim of an accident with them, you have to hold the company responsible as well as the driver.  You may have a larger fight on your hands, because these companies have time, experience and money on their side.  They deal with accidents more often due to the sheer numbers of drivers they employ.

This does not mean that you aren’t entitled to compensation for your injuries.  It just might be a little more difficult proving fault and negotiating.  If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with one of these commercial trucks, you can file an injury claim to cover lost property, medical bills, missed time at work and even real instances of pain or emotional suffering.

There are a number of reasons for accidents involving commercial vehicles.  They are on the road more often than most and that factor alone leads to more possibilities of accidents.  Some of these drivers are on the road so much they tend to take liberties that can put you in danger on the road around them.

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