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Dunlop Tire Recalls

Dunlop Tire had very humble beginnings in 1888. A dedicated dad, John Boyd Dunlop developed a way to help his son, sick with a bad cold, to ride his tricycle. Dunlop fitted the bike with tires created from canvas bonded with liquid rubber. The subsequent patent was a legend in the making, and by 1902 Dunlop won the famous Paris-Vienna race. Over the years, Dunlop built an enviable reputation for quality tires, an innovative approach to safety and a unique take on creating tires to handle just about any kind of conditions a driver may face. Although Dunlop has created many tires known for their quality over the years, the company has also built many tires that have been recalled due to their defects., courtesy of the U.S. Department of Transportation and (, courtesy of the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA), provide details on some of the close to 40 tire recalls Dunlop has been involved in over the last few decades.

Some Notable Dunlop Tire Lawsuits

  • 2013 — Esther Chavez sues Dunlop seeking between $1 and $6 million in general and special damages and $4 million in exemplary damages for the death of her son and husband. Chavez’s husband and several friends were on I-30 in Texas when a tire suddenly suffered a tread separation causing the driver to lose control. The vehicle rolled, injuring all occupants and killing the driver.

    According to court records the tire did not have a nylon cap and the “adhesive properties bonding the components of the tire might prematurely fail prior to an outward visible defect that the owner could observe,” and that the tire makers “failed to use materials in the construction of the subject tire that would maintain their adhesive qualities.”

  • 2013 — William G. Shank, 56, and his wife, Mary Jane, were riding on a 2007 Harley Davidson on June 10, 2012, when the rear tire blew out as they drove along Route 22. Mr. Shank died at the scene. Mrs. Shank, 52, died ten days later. Shank’s son filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging the tube inside of the rear Dunlop tire was defective and caused the fatal accident.
  • 2012 — settlement reached with Texas couple after a defective Dunlop D250 radial tire suddenly deflated and ejected both riders. Martin Stricker and his wife were riding on U.S. 67 when the rear motorcycle tire lost all its air. The lawsuit alleged the tire was defective. No one, including the tire maker Dunlop, told the Strickers about maximum weight limits.

Other Dunlop tire recalls are also found at

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Assessing Liability in Defective Tire Cases

Have you been involved in an accident that was caused by a defective Dunlop tire? If so, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries.

A manufacturer in the State of Florida must, by law, make a product that is reasonably hazard-free. If an accident was caused by a defective product, then the maker of that product may be held responsible for damages and injuries to a plaintiff that used their product.

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