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Florida’s Push to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has rapidly become a hot debate topic across the country in the past few years. Proponents see the benefits of using marijuana as a way to help treat certain ailments, while critics instead look to the potential for abuse and addiction and the harmful health effects that smoking marijuana may have for individuals…. read more

Your Vote Counts: Florida Governor Elections Could Impact Tort Reform and Other Relevant Laws

The Florida Governor elections are rapidly approaching. Held on November 4, the elections will determine who governs the state of Florida for the next four years. The current Governor, incumbent Rick Scott (R), is hoping to spend another four years in office, while his challenger, Charlie Crist (D) (who was Governor of the state from… read more

New Parasailing Law “White-Miskell Act” to Take Effect October 1

It has been nearly seven years since Amber May White was killed in a tragic parasailing accident. Amber’s death began a call for better regulation of the parasailing industry, and after several House and Senate hearings, bill revisions, and petition signatures, the parasailing law known as the White-Miskell Act – which Chalik & Chalik adamantly… read more

Congratulations to Debi Chalik: Top 40 Under 40

Congratulations to attorney Debi Chalik for being invited to become a member of The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40. The Top 40 Under 40 is an elite group of America’s top young trial attorneys. Membership is by invitation only and is given only to those attorneys who exemplify superior qualifications, trial results, and… read more

How You Can Help Get the Parasailing Bill Signed Into Law

On May 1, 2014 the Florida legislature voted in favor of SB 320: Commercial and Recreational Water Activities, commonly known as the White-Miskell Act. After years of legislative review and supportive action, the work of Florida Senator Maria Sachs and thousands of Floridians has paid off in bringing this bill to the Governor’s desk. Now,… read more

To Retread or Not to Retread: Review the Pros and Cons of Using Retreaded Tires

Fleet industries and consumers alike often wonder whether or not retreaded tires are as safe and reliable as tires with virgin casings. Across the board, from university researchers to trucking forums, there is no research or even anecdotal evidence that shows any differences in quality amongst the two. Pros of Retreaded Tires The primary reason… read more

Tire Blowouts: How They Occur and How to Repair Them

Tire blowouts are a serious matter on the road because they can lead to severe accidents. There are many different causes of tire blowouts. After the blowout, there may be legal claims drivers can pursue if they suffered harm from an accident. Tire Blowout Causes Roadway conditions are a major cause of tire blowouts. If… read more

Winners of Our Recent Giveaways

Gift giving started early for us this year!  We wanted to thank all of our followers and participants in the two giveaways we sponsored last week.   During the Holiday Fest, which was a wonderful event for the family, we gave away 2 iPad Minis from a random drawing of all the participants who entered…. read more

University of Miami Student Struck and Killed by SUV

Posted on Dec 15, 2010 A University of Miami student was hit and killed by an SUV early Sunday morning. The student was crossing a street on campus. According to police, 19-year-old Taylor William Emmons, a sophomore at the University of Miami, was trying to cross San Amaro Drive outside of the Sigma Chi fraternity… read more