Fatal collision due to tire separation

Tire separation was the cause of a deadly crash that occurred between a tractor-trailer and the south median guardrail on Interstate 95 in West Melbourne, Fla.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident took place in the vicinity of Palm Bay Road where a tractor-trailer was carrying a road construction excavator.

The excavator fell off the trailer, moved into the north lanes of I-95, and struck a truck. Two other vehicles that were going in the northern direction were hit with debris, though neither motorist suffered injuries.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was identified as 48-year-old Douglas Platt, who was transported to the hospital, and whose condition was serious. The driver of the truck into which the trailer crashed perished at the scene. He was 59 years old, and his identity was not disclosed.

Tire tread separation is a hazardous condition in which the tread of the tire disconnects from the body of the tire. Tread separation is typically present in the tires of massive cargo trucks because several owners and operators use treads in an effort to save money on the purchase of costly new tires for trailers. The use of such retread tires is illegal in some states because this kind of tire is likely to malfunction due to tread separation. In most instances, tread separation can be discovered in passenger cars and corrected by replacing them prior to the occurrence of a tire failure or tire blowout.

Tire separation can also occur because of a defect in the manufacturing process or improper repairs of flat tires. There may have been insufficient bonding of the tire components while the tire was being manufactured. If you notice an unusual vibration in your tires, you should inspect them closely, and look for any deformations.

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