Elderly Driver Crashes Into Restaurant, Six Injured

There are many reasons a person may lose control of their vehicle. One of the most common reasons is due to overcorrecting. This occurs when a vehicle veers in one direction or begins to skid and the driver turns the wheel in the opposite direction, which causes loss of traction. Road conditions may also be a reason to lose control; newly fallen rain or ice can make streets slippery. Sometimes, the steering or the braking may be defective or become disabled, leading to the driver being unable to steer or stop their vehicle.

The Tampa Bay Times reports on an elderly driver who lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a restaurant, injuring several people.

Six people were injured, one of them requiring being airlifted to the hospital last Tuesday afternoon. The injuries were sustained when a car jumped the curb and plowed through the front window of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Restaurant just before 1:30 p.m.

According to police, a 65-year-old female lost control of her vehicle as she was traveling on Spring Hill Drive heading eastbound. The car traveled across the median into oncoming traffic. As it drove into the shopping center, the vehicle sideswiped a Ford F-150 pickup truck as it left the center. The car then hit a parked Hyundai Elantra before crashing into the restaurant.

Those who were injured included the driver and four people who were inside the restaurant. All were taken to nearby hospitals for their injuries. One person’s injuries were severe enough to require a helicopter flight to the hospital.