Teen Hit And Killed While Skateboarding To Work

When it comes to bicycle and pedestrian safety on roadways, both motorists and the bicyclists/pedestrians need to play their respected roles. Motorists can play their part by keeping an active eye out for pedestrians and bicyclists. Giving plenty of room and obeying traffic laws can keep accidents from happening. On the part of the bicyclists and pedestrians, they can help motorists by also obeying traffic laws, staying in their designated area, and wearing clothing that can be easily seen, especially while walking or biking at night. Statistics say that vehicle vs. pedestrian/bicyclist accidents are on the rise.

Fox 13 News reports on a Brandon teen who was skateboarding to work being hit and killed in a tragic accident.

The crash happened on Saturday morning, just before 7 a.m. as 17-year-old Sky Anna Marie Taylor was riding her skateboard to work at the local Publix. She was in the bicycle lane near South Gornto Lake Road and Providence Lakes Road.

She was struck by a Volkswagen Passat being driven by a 25-year-old.

According to police, Taylor was on the “fog line” which separates the bicycle lane from the other travel lanes and was wearing dark clothing. The driver said that they did not see Taylor. The driver of the Passat stopped and called 911. Taylor was transported to Tampa General Hospital with life-threatening injuries. She succumbed to those injuries on Sunday.

The driver is not facing any charges.