NTSB Investigations Delayed Due To Shutdown

The National Traffic Safety Bureau (NTSB) is known for investigating airplane crashes and train crashes. The agency also may investigate any and all highway incidents and accidents and takes an interest in railway accidents and accidents that involve the release of hazardous materials that are in transit. This can include fuel trucks and other commercial… read more

Firefighter Accused Of Crashing Into Five Cars While Drunk

Florida is like many other states when it comes to having an implied consent law. This law basically states that by having a state of Florida driver’s license, you agree, should you be suspected of DUI, to take a chemical test to determine your blood-alcohol level. While you legally have the right to refuse the… read more

Fatal Crash Near Ocala

Tractor trailer drivers are usually some of the best-trained drivers on the roadways. They typically have to undergo both classroom training and then on-the-road training before they become drivers for shipping companies. Despite this fact, the number of fatal tractor-trailer accidents has been on the rise in recent years. Many of the fatalities are other… read more

Elderly Driver Crashes Into Restaurant, Six Injured

There are many reasons a person may lose control of their vehicle. One of the most common reasons is due to overcorrecting. This occurs when a vehicle veers in one direction or begins to skid and the driver turns the wheel in the opposite direction, which causes loss of traction. Road conditions may also be… read more