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Motorcycle And Truck Burst Into Flames In Collision

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience. Unfortunately, that experience also comes with risk. Motorcycles are inherently risky by design. There are few safety structures and they are also less visible than other vehicles. When it comes to motorcycles accidents, there are a number of contributing factors. Elements such as weather and traffic play… read more

Deadly Crash Involves 5 Vehicles, 3 Of Them Motorcycles

Several states, including Florida, require a separate driver’s license for the operation of motorcycles that can travel over a certain speed. Those wishing to drive a motorcycle must apply for and obtain this specific kind of license. First, they must pass an examination which tests their knowledge of motorcycles and motorcycle traffic laws. They must… read more

Motorcyclist Dies In Fall Off Overpass

Riding a motorcycle can be uniquely gratifying, presenting a unique way of living on the edge that driving an automobile doesn’t provide. Though new riders can learn a lot by taking a motorcycle safety course, there are things that seasoned pros have picked up that might not be taught in a class. One such tip… read more

Recent crashes a reminder of Florida’s high rate of motorcycle accidents

A series of recent motorcycle accidents is a reminder of Florida’s high rate of injuries and deaths from such crashes. In Miami, a fatal motorcycle crash closed multiple lanes of I-95. A Punta Gorda man was killed in a motorcycle accident on I-75. In Boynton Beach, four motorcyclists died in crashes in a two-week period… read more