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Large truck accidents are more likely to result in the injury and death of passenger vehicle drivers, not the truck driver. The size and weight of 18-wheelers exert too much kinetic energy on smaller passenger vehicles, leading to severe injuries to people inside the smaller vehicle. Unfortunately, negligent truck drivers and trucking companies are often at fault for these pickup truck wrecks – the parties that typically suffer the least damage.

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Truck Accident Liability

Commercial trucks are unique in that they must obey all roadway rules in Fort Lauderdale as well as federal rules regarding large truck maintenance and performance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration imposes laws regarding truck drivers’ hours of service, fleet upkeep, and cargo loading – to name a few out of hundreds of regulations. Trucking companies must engage in sound hiring and training practices, as well as performance checks on vehicle maintenance and inspections. Breaking any of the laws surrounding trucking and resulting in an accident is an act of negligence. Furthermore, truck drivers are required to comply with stringent federal and state guidelines concerning the amount of hours they drive, repair schedules, warning signals, the kind of freight that is transported and on what roads the freight is transported. Lack of compliance with such guidelines could be the cause of a collision.

Truck drivers receive training and are certified operators of trucks who must drive their vehicles with due care in accordance with certain regulations and laws that apply to commercial truck drivers. Thus, truck drivers are held to a higher standard than standard motorists, and their cases are frequently worth much more than the usual accident claim because of the resources of the trucking companies.

7 Most Common Truck Accident Causes in Fort Lauderdale include:

If a truck driver’s act of negligence or recklessness causes the crash, the courts will almost always hold the trucking company liable. In the past, companies avoided liability by renting fleets and hiring independent contractors. However, the law today makes trucking companies responsible for trucks and drivers operating under the company’s name. Accident victims can pursue compensation through the trucking company’s insurer in most cases. If the accident resulted from another factor such as another driver on the road, a failed truck part, or a roadway hazard, the third party may share or take over liability for the crash.

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Pick-Up Truck Accidents in Fort Lauderdale

A four-door sedan generally weighs about 3,000 pounds. Pickup trucks and other small trucks can weigh anywhere from two to three times as much. Because the force and weight these vehicles bring to serious wrecks, auto accidents involving pickup trucks can have devastating or even deadly outcomes.

The worst type of collision involving pickup trucks is one in which another, smaller car is involved. The injuries sustained by the driver and passengers of the smaller car, which is likely more severe than those sustained by those in the pickup truck, may include:

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Possible Causes of Truck Wrecks in Fort Lauderdale

Trucks frequently have massive tank bodies that have an effect on maneuverability and halting. In addition, if a tanker truck is transporting chemicals, the liquid might move back and forth, and create an imbalance in steering. Moreover, the majority of tractor-trailers apply an air brake system whereby pressure is used to add braking force.

Correct usage of air brakes can aid in preventing a truck from sliding and jackknifing, which occurs when a tractor starts to skid, and if the skid is not corrected in a timely fashion, the trailer pushes the tractor around until the cab strikes the trailer. If a brake system is not balanced, it can adversely affect the steering, control and stopping distance.

Pursue Compensation with Help from Our Truck Accident Attorneys

Semis merging on top of vehicles, failing to brake fast enough, or overturning on the highway are unfortunately rather common news headlines for Floridians. Despite plenty of laws that strive to make trucking safer for all involved, the sheer volume of trucks on the highways pose a threat to all drivers in Fort Lauderdale. Defensive driving can only help so much when it comes to preventing a truck accident. Sometimes, another party’s negligence makes a devastating crash inevitable. When the worst truck wrecks happen, know you have lawyers willing to come to your aid in South Florida.




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