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Yellow Cab is a company that employs tens of thousands of drivers to pick up passengers and transport them to their destination. As a common carrier, Yellow Cab is held to a very high duty of care to its passengers. Common carriers must take great steps to prevent their passengers from becoming injured. Among common carriers’ duties of care are to ensure that entryways and exits are safe for passengers, including adequate lighting and lack of obstacles; provision of security to make certain that the passengers are safe; employment of qualified motorists to drive the vehicles; maintenance of the vehicles’ engines; and noticing and correcting any design defects within the vehicles. If you were injured due to the negligence of an employee of Yellow Cab, call Chalik & Chalik Law Firm for a free consultation at 855-529-0269.

What Kind of Injuries Have Yellow Cab Customers Sustained?

Most slip and fall accidents from cabs do not result in serious or life-threatening injuries. However, occasionally, severe injuries can result from slipping and falling upon exiting the cab. Serious injuries can be caused by being let out of the cab in an icy or slippery area.

In addition, the cab driver may choose to stop in an area where it is hazardous for passengers to walk on the surface, which is slippery.

If you suffered severe injuries because of dangerous conditions while you were a passenger in a Yellow Cab caused by employee negligence, you may have a valid claim against Yellow Cab to secure compensation for your injury and to assist in your recovery.

The following are some of the common kinds of injuries sustained as a result of a slip and fall accident:

If you suffered these or similar severe injuries due to a slip and fall accident while a passenger in a Yellow Cab, you may be entitled to receive compensation. This compensation is similar to that of other personal injury lawsuits, and could include:

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident from a Yellow Cab:

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