Fort Lauderdale Asbestos and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lawyer

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Each year roughly 1,170 people die from carbon monoxide and asbestos poisoning. Of these people, it is estimated that roughly 60% of individuals came into contact with this poison on someone else’s property.

Florida asbestos or carbon monoxide poisoning often happens when someone is in close proximity to, or in a building where one of these two substances are present. Prolonged exposure to either of the two can have serious health effects including:

Asbestos and carbon monoxide are known as ‘silent killers’. This is because people who have been in contact with either are usually unaware that they have been exposed to toxic chemicals until they start noticing symptoms.

Awareness about the danger of asbestos and carbon monoxide has become much greater in recent years. As a result, property owners have been prompted to take extra precaution to ensure their buildings are safe and free of hazardous toxins.

Landowners of public facilities have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who visits their land. This includes installing functioning carbon monoxide detectors and having asbestos checks done on a regular basis.

People who fail to take adequate safety measures are considered negligent landowners. These negligent individuals can often be held responsible for any injury or harm that a visitor experiences.

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