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You may stop at a Burger King to grab a quick meal while you’re out and about in Florida. While these stores can offer hamburgers, fries, and other options to keep you going on the road, they can also expose you to a number of dangerous slip and fall hazards.

A slip and fall accident at a Burger King could result in serious injuries and high medical expenses. An injury lawyer for slip and fall accidents at Burger King in Florida can help you get full compensation for your losses.

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Get Information About Burger King

Burger King first began operating under the name Insta-Burger King in the year 1953 in Florida. Since that time, the company has expanded and now it operates more than 17,000 stores around the world. The company has also been bought several times, eventually merging with Tim Hortons.

Professional insurance agents support Burger King stores in slip and fall cases. These individuals can work hard to deny you fair compensation for your medical expenses. You may need to work with a slip and fall lawyer to stand up to representatives for Burger King, so contact Jason and Debi Chalik today.

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Report Your Slip and Fall Accident Right Away

Slip and fall accidents can leave you injured and disoriented. Jason and Debi Chalik understand that you may want to leave the store immediately to seek medical care, but before you go you should make every effort to:

You should also reach out to a slip and fall lawyer as quickly as possible after your accident. Don’t sign any agreements with Burger King representatives before you talk to a legal professional.

Slip and Fall Hazards in Burger Kings in Florida

Burger Kings are busy fast-food restaurants that can present a number of hazards to unwary visitors. Areas where we commonly see slip and fall accidents can include:

Spills of greasy foods or drinks can represent serious slipping hazards. You could also slip on an area that was recently mopped if it was not properly marked by a store employee. Jason and Debi Chalik believe that you deserve professional help regardless of the exact cause of your slip and fall accident.

Injuries and Compensation for Burger King Slip and Fall Accidents

There are a number of common injuries associated with slip and fall accidents throughout Florida. These accidents may lead to broken bones as well as injuries to your head, neck, spine, and brain. Medical treatment for your injuries can become incredibly expensive.

Fortunately, you may be able to seek compensation for your:

Your slip and fall lawyer may help you secure these damages with a premises liability claim.

Your Legal Options After a Slip and Fall Accident

Jason and Debi Chalik can work to help you get compensation for your losses after a Burger King slip and fall accident. We may be able to file a premises liability claim for you in Florida. This claim can provide you with compensation if:

In many cases, a slip and fall lawyer can resolve your case by settling with insurance agents working for Burger King. In other situations, Jason and Debi Chalik may stand up for you in court, working to get a verdict in your favor.

Get Help from a Burger King Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

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