Are Used Tires Safe? Florida Legislators Don’t Think So

Should you buy used tires? Are used tires safe? These are questions that many people ask, often when trying to be more environmentally friendly or trying to keep auto repair costs low. But opting for unsafe tires might lead to a serious accident.

In 2013, legislation that would have prohibited the sale of unsafe used tires was presented in the Florida legislature. According to the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association (RMA), the bill – Senate Bill 1588 – was supported by the RMA, based on the belief that used and worn tires are not safe for driving.

The bill died in appropriations on May 3, 2013. However, while the bill designed to keep unsafe tires off the road failed, the safety of used tires is an issue of which drivers should be aware.

Are used tires safe? 

For years, tire manufacturers, consumers, tire distributors, and politicians alike have debated the safety of used tires. While buying a set of used tires may be tempting based on the discounted price, the general consensus regarding used tires seems to be that the risks may outweigh the benefits, according to a 2012 Consumer Reports article.

One of the primary safety concerns when buying used tires is tread wear, as used tires typically have more tread wear than their newer counterparts. However, tread wear isn’t the only safety concern of which drivers should be aware.

Because used tires were previously owned and driven on, there’s no way to know how a previous owner treated the tires, they could have been misused in any of these ways. 

All of the unknowns that come with buying a set of used tires can put a driver at risk.

The Dangers of Used Tires 

Because there are so many unknowns, it’s hard to know what dangers a set of used tires present. However, underinflation, excessive wear, tire mishandling, and tread wear can all cause future tire complications.

All of the following issues can lead to many dangerous problems. 

Additionally, something like excessive tread wear can greatly affect vehicle handling. If tread wear is excessive, the tires may not be able to grip the road as they should, increasing the risk of danger when making turns, stopping, or driving on slippery or wet surfaces.

If a tire did not receive the proper repairs, it may be at risk for malfunctioning while driving. Sometimes, a repair shop will attempt to repair a puncture to the sidewall of a tire. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sidewall punctures should not be repaired.

If you’re driving a used tire that has previously had a sidewall puncture repaired, you may be putting yourself at risk for a tire blowout. Retreading the tire can also lead to problems if retreading is done incorrectly.

When a tire fails while driving, the chance of an accident is high. Rollover accidents and road runoffs are two common accident types that can occur when a tire fails.

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If you need new tires, ask yourself, “Are new tires safe? Is this a risk I want to take?”

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