BF Goodrich Manufacturer Lawsuits

Tires are essential to keep drivers and passengers safe while on the road. Tires that are defective can lead to a loss of motor vehicle control, a tire blowout, and serious accidents that result in severe injuries or even death. Unfortunately, defective tires are more common than they should be. Some have filed lawsuits against BF Goodrich related to defective tires, for example.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident caused by a defective BF Goodrich tire, you may be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries. For more information about BF Goodrich manufacturer lawsuits, refer to the following.

Defective BF Goodrich Tires 

BF Goodrich tires have been subject to recalls and lawsuits over the years. For example, in July 2012, BF Goodrich recalled its BF Goodrich Commercial T/A A/S and Uniroyal Laredo HD/H tires because of suspected tread separation and rapid air loss.

Tread separation that causes rapid air loss can be extremely dangerous, and increases the risk of an accident. In some cases, tire tread separation is a primary factor in rollover accidents, running off of the road, and more.

Accidents such as these can cause many injuries. 

As such, some victims pursue BF Goodrich manufacturer lawsuits.

BF Goodrich Manufacturer Lawsuits Through the Years 

In August 1989, a mother and son, Claudia and Franklin Ford, were involved in an automobile accident. The Fords were stopped on a highway because a tire on their vehicle, manufactured by BF Goodrich, separated from the wheel. The defective tire left the pair unable to drive any further.

While stopped, another vehicle hit the Fords’ car from behind. The accident left Franklin Ford permanently disabled by brain damage, and caused Claudia Ford to suffer from a fractured leg. The driver who struck the Fords’ car died in the accident.

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Franklin Ford against BF Goodrich Tire Company. Additionally, Claudia Ford filed and her husband who claimed loss of consortium, filed a separate lawsuit against the tire company. The father and another brother were also in the Fords’ vehicle but did not file a lawsuit for injuries.

In addition to the lawsuit mentioned above, BF Goodrich was also sued in 2005 when an accident involving a defective BF Goodrich tire occurred in April of that year, seriously injuring a woman and her son. The son suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting in cognitive problems, speech problems, and partial paralysis. The mother suffered paralysis from the chest down and depression.

Another BF Goodrich manufacturer lawsuit stemmed from a head-on collision on New Year’s Eve 2006. The accident was allegedly caused by the tread separation of a defective BF Goodrich tire. The accident killed six people and caused a young boy to become a paraplegic. The case was heard by a jury, which found that the tire was in fact manufactured with a defect and returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiffs in the case.

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