Retreaded Tires

The Real Danger of Retreaded Tires

Many trucking companies or companies with a fleet of cars will try to cut costs on maintaining the vehicles.  They don’t always see the risk of using re-manufactured parts.  When it comes to tires, the cost of retreaded tires is much cheaper than brand new ones in the short run.  But these tires are a danger to the driver and others on the road around them.

Retreading has been explained as a way to increase the life of a tire, so you can understand why it would be appealing to companies with large fleets of cars or trucks.  The person making the decision on these tires is not always the same one driving the vehicle.  They don’t always asses the risks involved to the drivers.

What Are the Benefits of a Retreaded Tire?

A retreaded tire may only cost half of what a new tire would cost, which is attractive to trucking companies, van lines, buses, and sometimes even rental car companies that are looking to save money anywhere they can. Because new tread is glued onto the old tire during this recapping process, it extends the life of the tire for a lesser amount of money.

Additionally, environmentalists claim that natural resources are saved through the retreading process by recycling used tires.

What Are the Negatives of Tires That Have Been Retreaded?

When tires are recapped or retreaded, it can be dangerous and unsafe. Many fatal Florida accidents have occurred as a result of defective retreaded tires. If the process isn’t performed correctly, the retread can come off. As the weather gets warmer, retreaded tires that are defective or not done properly generally see the tread come off the tire faster.

Safety should always come first over profitability. If a trucking company or other driver used retreaded tires that led to your South Florida car crash and injuries, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Please call the Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik and speak with a knowledgeable defective tire lawyer today.