Hankook Tire Defects

Defective tires are extremely dangerous. Shredding, blowouts and other issues can cause loss of control for an unsuspecting driver. This can cause serious accidents involving the single vehicle, or may involve other vehicles as well.

Hankook tires have received numerous complaints regarding the safety of their tires, and this has led to recalls involving these tires. If you own Hankook tires, you can check the list below to see if your tires may be a safety risk. You can also refer to SaferCar.gov to perform a search of complaints involving Hankook tires.

If you’ve been in an accident because of a Hankook tire defect, you may be entitled to compensation from Hankook to cover your damages.

Complaints and Recalls Involving Hankook Tire Defects

The following is a sampling of complaints and recalls involving Hankook tire defects over the last several years.

Another category lists 91 complaints between 1999 and 2014. Complaints included issues such as bulges or bubbles on tires, low tire pressure and tread separations. These are just examples of recalls and complaints regarding Hankook tires. Others may exist as well.

Meanwhile, if a Hankook tire defect caused an accident that resulted in serious harm, contact an attorney about filing a product liability case against the tire manufacturer to recover damages you’ve suffered in the accident.

Product Liability for Hankook Tire Defect Cases

If you’ve been injured or sustained property damage because of a Hankook tire defect, you might have a viable product liability case. Manufacturers are held to standards of quality for the products they produce and sell. When a consumer suffers injuries or financial consequences due to defective products such as tires, the manufacturer can be liable for damages.

The claim must prove that the tires were defective and the defect caused an accident. An expert witness may need to provide testimony regarding whether the tire was defective and whether it caused the accident. A product liability claim must also establish that the accident caused serious injuries and damages. Simply owning a car with a defective tire does not entitle the vehicle owner to file a product liability claim.

You could be entitled to reimbursement for pain and suffering, property damage expenses, medical bills and lost wages. Consult a product liability attorney who specializes in tire defect cases to determine if you have a valid case.

A qualified attorney will help you build your case to establish liability and your damages, help you file your claim and negotiate a settlement, can take the case to court if necessary to reach a fair resolution, and will follow up on any defenses presented by the tire manufacturer.

Chalik & Chalik Can Help if Injured Because of a Hankook Tire Defect

If you need help after an accident involving a Hankook tire defect, call Chalik & Chalik for a free case evaluation regarding liability and the damages you may pursue. Chalik and Chalik helps accident victims in Florida injured in defective tire accidents. We will walk you through all steps of the claims process. Call us today at 855-529-0269 to set up a free consultation.