How to Report a Faulty/Defective Tire

A defective vehicle part can be detrimental when it comes to the safety of the driver and any passengers involved. One of the most dangerous types of vehicle defects is a defective tire, which can lead to blowouts, rollovers, and other serious accidents.

If you believe that you are the owner of a vehicle with a defective tire, the first thing that you should do is stop driving and have the tire inspected immediately. Then, you should report the faulty and defective tire to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Filing a Safety Complaint with the NHTSA 

If you believe that you are driving a vehicle with a defective tire, it is important that you report the complaint to the NHTSA. The complaint will be entered into a database, where the complaint will be compared with other complaints in order to determine whether an investigation or recall is necessary.

In order to file a complaint, the first step is to make note on your own of what you believe the defect to be, and any relevant details surrounding the defect. Next you should visit Select the tab at the top of the screen that says Vehicle Owners. On the right side of the next page, locate File a Complaint about Tires, Car Seats or Vehicle Equipment, and click it.

A complaint may also be filed via the telephone by calling 855-529-0269.

Information Needed to File a Safety Complaint 

After you begin the online form, you will need to enter the following information about the tire listed below.

In addition to the above information, you will also have to write a description of the events leading up to the tire problem, and what was done to correct the failure. You will also have to answer questions regarding whether or not the defect led to a fire, a crash, or property damage, and whether or not the incident was reported to the police.

Call a Defective Tire Attorney for Legal Help 

Filing a complaint with the NHTSA regarding a defective tire is important. Equally as important, though, is making sure that you have the legal representation you deserve if you’ve been in a car accident caused by a defective tire. At Chalik & Chalik, our defective tire attorneys can make sure that you get the quality representation to which you’re entitled. To receive a free case consultation today, call us now at 855-529-0269.