Kumho Tire Recalls

South Korean tire company Kumho Tire Co. Inc. been selling tires in the United States for several years. In recent years, the company has recalled several tires, mainly because the tires failed federal quality testing.

Kumho Tire Recalls

In April 2004, Kumho Tire announced a recall of a series of tires because the tires failed durability tests under the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard Test Number 109. The tires were defective and prone to tread separation. Tread separation can cause a wreck if the tread separates while someone is driving the car.

The recall involves the following ECTSA V710 competition race tires of a number of sizes with serial dates between 3103 and 1404.

Kumho Tire Complaints

Apart from tire recalls, the company has also dealt with several complaints from unsatisfied customers. One complaint alleges that the tire was defective and caused vibrations in the vehicle. In other cases, Kumho customers complained that they were sold the wrong kind of tires for their automobile, leading to frequent tire deflation.

What to Do When You Have a Defective Tire Complaint

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) allows tire owners to register complaints with their tires. You can log on to the NHTSA website and file your complaint. Not every complaint will immediately get a response. However, if the number of complaints is high enough, the NHTSA will decide to begin an investigation.

An investigation doesn’t automatically end in a recall, however. Sometimes, studies conclude that the problem is not severe enough to warrant a recall. However, if the agency is notified by a significant number of customers, and involves a large number of tires, it may place pressure on the tire manufacturer to announce a recall.

Filing a Claim after an Accident Involving a Defective Tire

Get in touch with a product liability attorney if you believe that your accident was caused by a defective tire. It is often challenging to establish the crash was the result of a defective tire and not external factors like your driving behavior. An attorney will conduct an analysis of the accident and the tire in question before attempting to hold the tire company or other parties liable.

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