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Exploding pressure cooker causes injury

In recent years, an increasing number of plaintiffs have been filing products liability lawsuits regarding exploding pressure cookers. One such case is Sergui Tchernykh et al v. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. and Tri-Star Products Inc., Case No. 1:15-cv-22364, in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, Miami Division. In October of 2014, Lili… read more

Defective e-cigarettes cause injury

In November 2016, attorneys filed three lawsuits against e-cigarette manufacturers and retailers regarding e-cigarette explosions and the injuries suffered by three people in three distinct incidents. According to, the case of James Lauria, was filed in the First Judicial Circuit Court of Okaloosa County, Fla., on November 4, 2016. The case of William Picket… read more

10 Facts about Product Liability Claims

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one as a result of a defective product, you can file a product liability claim against a manufacturer and in some cases other parties as well. Here are some facts about product liability claims. 1. Florida is a Strict Product Liability State  Florida’s product liability laws are based… read more

The Use of Strict Liability in Product Liability Claims

Under the strict liability doctrine, a person who suffered injuries as a result of the use of defective product can hold the manufacturer responsible for the injuries without the need to prove negligence. In other words, the person can hold the manufacturer liable even if the manufacturer did everything possible to prevent the defect. The… read more

Types of Defective Products & What to Do if a Defective Product Injures You

Our firm handles product liability cases in which clients have suffered injuries due to some sort of defective product. When this occurs, Florida state law affords victims the opportunity to take legal action against the manufacturer, distributor or retailer and pursue restitution for their damages. If you were injured directly by a malfunctioning or flawed product… read more

Parents Should be Aware of Defective Products Containing Lead

There is a lot that parents in Florida need to be aware of in order to provide a safe environment for their children. One of these elements, protecting against lead poisoning, should be at the top of the list. Lead Poisoning Lead poisoning is the single greatest environmental risk for children under the age of… read more