Delayed Emergency C-Section

The Dangers of Delayed Emergency C-Section

A delayed emergency c-section can result in serious birth injuries and even death. A doctor or hospital responsible for a delay in necessary treatment and intervention – such as a caesarean section, or c-section – may be guilty of medical malpractice.

The Miami birth injury attorneys at Chalik & Chalik help families who have experienced birth injury and trauma. You may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim if you can prove a delayed emergency c-section caused your child’s recent birth injury.

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Some mothers are able to plan a c-section in advance under the advisement of a doctor. This may be necessary in the case of multiple births, maternal infection or when a baby is in a breech position. Other times, the decision arises under emergency settings, such as when labor fails to progress or there are issues with the umbilical cord. Failure to carry out a c-section in a prompt fashion may signal negligence.

A delayed emergency c-section puts a baby and mother at great risk. One of the potential complications is brain damage caused by lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain, such as in cases of fetal distress.

In the most serious cases, the baby and mother are both at risk of dying as a result of a delayed c-section. During your initial consultation, our attorneys will talk to you about the full extent of your child’s injuries, as well as any of the mother’s complications. It is important we understand the nature of your child’s injuries in order to calculate the value of an injury claim accurately.

Why might a delayed emergency c-section occur?

Doctor or hospital negligence may be the cause of a delayed c-section.

Examples of negligence include:

These are just a few examples of doctor or hospital negligence. Our attorneys will investigate your child’s birth to uncover all signs of negligence and liability.

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