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Consumerism is a major part of the American economy. Any given citizen uses and interacts with hundreds of products in day-to-day life. There are strict federal and state safety standards when it comes to creating and distributing consumer products. Still, manufacturers can make mistakes, resulting in a dangerous product. When these products cause consumer injuries or deaths, victims may pursue product liability claims in Fort Lauderdale.

Product liability lawsuits follow specific rules compared to other personal injury claims. There are different burdens of proof and elements the law requires to bring a claim against a manufacturer or distributor for a dangerous item. The best way to protect your rights is with help from a local Fort Lauderdale product liability attorney.

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Types of Dangerous Products:

Ft. Lauderdale Product Liability Laws

In Fort Lauderdale, injured parties must obey certain rules and restrictions while filing a product liability claim. There are deadlines for filling, as well as elements necessary to prove manufacturer/distributor liability. When handling a defective product case, seek professional assistance from a local Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney. A dangerous product attorney can make the complex legal processes much simpler for you and your family. With a product liability lawyer, you don’t have to worry about obeying laws such as: