Breech Birth

Just prior to birth, the majority of babies are in a head-down position in the mother’s uterus. However, there are times when the baby is in the position of feetfirst. This is called breech birth. Most babies are breech in the initial stages of pregnancy, but the majority of them reverse to the headfirst position close to the end of the pregnancy.

Babies who are born prematurely are more prone to be breech. A breech birth could be caused by an unnatural amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. As the due date approaches, the physician will be able to determine whether the baby is breech by performing a physical exam, an ultrasound or both.

There is a possibility that there will be more complications if the baby is breech. When physicians deliver a breech baby vaginally, there is a higher chance for a birth injury during or following delivery than when babies are delivered headfirst. Additionally, vaginal delivery of breech babies is more likely to lead to the development of a birth injury in which there is separation between the infant’s hip socket and thigh bone.

A History of Birth Injury Results

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Some Breech Births are Especially Dangerous

Breech babies who have a vaginal delivery are also more likely to have complications regarding the umbilical cord. For instance, the umbilical cord is more inclined to be flattened during delivery, thereby causing damage to the nerves and brain because of inadequate oxygen.

While some breech babies can have a safe vaginal delivery, physicians generally prefer to deliver breech babies using cesarean section, or C-section. However, C-sections are not without risks, including bleeding, infection and a longer period of time spent in the hospital by both mother and infant.

If your baby suffered an injury because of an obstetrician’s failure to correctly diagnose and treat a breech birth, you may have a claim for medical malpractice against the doctor and hospital. The attorneys at Chalik & Chalik will perform an investigation into whether your doctor’s negligence caused your infant’s injury.

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