23 Year Old Falls Out Of Moving Car Window, Hit By Another Car

New drivers typically make mistakes that veteran drivers would not make. Driving experience only comes with practice and let’s be honest, we’ve all taken risks as new drivers. Some of the most common driving mistakes include those made, not necessarily limited to inexperienced drivers, by younger drivers who commit them more often. Speeding, following too closely, driving while drowsy, control issues, and distractions within the vehicle are common mistakes plaguing young drivers. Having friends inside the vehicle can be a huge distraction and they can act in unpredictable ways.

The Chicago Tribune reports on a young woman who fell from a vehicle in Miami Beach and then was struck by a second vehicle.

A 23-year-old Waukegan High School graduate was killed in Miami Beach early Sunday after she fell out of the rear window of the vehicle she was riding. She was then struck by another motorist who fled from the scene.

Mariah Michelle Logan, a 2013 graduate, was a passenger in a 2019 Hyundai Accent sedan when she started “hanging out” of the window. She was with three friends at the time of the accident. The Hyundai was headed to the airport on State Road 112 when she hung out of the window, yelling, “Bye, Miami!”

The friends who were in the vehicle with Logan were identified as 24-year-old Trina Frazier, 23-year-old Aaliyah Frazier, and 23-year-old Kenyatta Burch.

Police are looking into whether alcohol was a factor in the accident.