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Moms Fight To Change Laws After Truck Trailer Accident

Truck underride collisions are some of the most horrific and traumatic type of accidents involving large trucks. Reportedly, underride collisions account for one-quarter of the fatalities in accidents involving trucks. An underride collision occurs when a passenger vehicle collides with a straight truck or the trailer of a tractor-trailer semi-trailer combination and runs under the… read more

FedEx Truck Caught In Jackknife Crash

Tractor trailed “jackknifing” incidents often make the news and when other vehicles are involved, can prove to be fatal. The term jackknifing refers to when the cab of a semi-truck and its trailer get out of sync and form an “L” or a “V” shape. The shape resembles a knife whose blade folds into the… read more

Truck Smashes Into Church Van, Kills Seven

10 Daily reports that video footage has been obtained showing the moment a tractor-trailed plowed into a church van killing seven people in Gainesville, Florida.  The footage is a key piece of evidence in the investigation being conducted by the NTSB. The agency is attempting to determine the probable cause of the crash. When the… read more

Vehicle Fire Closes Florida Turnpike

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal accidents involving tractor-trailers rose to the highest level in 29 years in 2017. This increase came despite a decrease in overall traffic fatalities. In raw numbers, 4,761 fatalities involved tractor trailers in 2017, a 9% increase over the previous year. About 1,300 of those deaths involved… read more

Organization Asks Government To Require Big Rigs To Use Speed Limiters

Despite that tractor-trailer drivers are some of the most well-trained drivers on the road, tractor-trailer accidents are on the rise. They are also some of the deadliest accidents that can occur. While the fault of the accident may lie with other drivers, this does not change the fact that these accidents often involve fatalities and… read more