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Best Western International, Inc. operates the Best Western Hotels and Resorts brand and manages many hotels and motels. Due to its international presence, and 4,195 locations worldwide, Best Western attracts a huge number of customers each day. Because of this high volume of customers, hotel employees may overlook spills and slippery substances that can cause guests to slip, trip and fall. Best Western employees have a responsibility to make certain that their guests are kept safe while they are on the hotel’s premises. If you suffered an injury while you were a guest at Best Western, call Chalik & Chalik Law Offices for a complimentary consultation with an attorney at 855-529-0269.

What Kind of Injuries Have Best Western Guests Sustained?

The majority of slip and fall accidents at Best Western do not result in serious or life-threatening injuries. However, sometimes severe injuries can occur due to the presence of uneven frozen ground on which guests can trip, slip and fall; or poor lighting and drainage. In addition, Best Western could be liable for failing to warn guests of the perils posed a defective walkway.

Furthermore, guests may slip, trip and fall on carpeting or rugs that are frayed, torn or ripped. They may also slip and fall due to spilt food or beverages.

If you suffered severe injuries because of hazardous conditions at Best Western caused by the negligence of its employees, you may have a cause of action against Best Western to secure compensation for your injury and help you recover damages.

Here are some common kinds of injuries sustained in slip and fall accidents:

If you have suffered these or similar slip and fall injuries at Best Western, you may be able to obtain compensation. This compensation is similar to that of other personal injury lawsuits, and could include:

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident at Best Western:

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