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Product liability claims address injuries caused by a manufacturer’s defect or other company error. Products that have been placed on the market even though they are defective or dangerous cause thousands of injuries to consumers in the U.S. every year. Jason and Debi Chalik have handled numerous cases stemming from auto defects, such as tire failure and other accidents related to auto safety.

If a dangerous product makes it to market, all parties within the chain of manufacture are liable for any injury or damage caused by that product. Broadly stated, laws obligate manufacturers to create products that meet ordinary expectations of a consumer — including the expectation that the product will not cause harm. However, there is no federal law covering product liability, and dangerous product cases in Fort Lauderdale are based on Florida laws and standards of negligence.

A Fort Lauderdale defective auto parts attorney may seek to prove that a manufacturer had an opportunity to improve the safety of the product but failed to do so. Meanwhile, a claim also must prove that the auto product was being used correctly at the time of the malfunction or accident.

These are complicated and time-consuming tasks. In many cases, they are best left to attorneys experienced in handling claims involving auto defects.

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