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Broken bones are some of the most common personal injuries that occur in accidents. That isn’t to say they aren’t serious or to diminish their impact on the lives of the victims. Fractured bones can be extremely painful and lead to weeks or months of rehabilitation. Some breaks are so severe that the victim never regains full use of the body part – at least not the way he or she used to be able to use the limb before the injury. Our Fort Lauderdale bone fracture lawyers have ample experience in handling broken bones cases and will help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Broken bones can lead to expensive medical costs, lots of missed time at work, and potentially the inability to return to a previous career. It could leave a major dent in your savings account, and cause you to miss out on opportunities like time with family or promotions at work. Don’t let someone else’s negligence affect your life without consequences.

Litigating Broken Fracture Cases in Fort Lauderdale

The existence and extent of a broken bone is difficult for the defense to refute in a personal injury case. There is typically hard evidence available to prove the bone suffered a fracture, such as x-ray images. Other injuries, such as soft-tissue injuries and head injuries, can be more difficult to bring to court since it’s possible to refute or downplay their extent. Medical records, photographs, and testimony from medical professionals can help in any case, but hard evidence like an x-ray of a broken bone is irrefutable proof of injury.

If a broken bone is your only injury, we can help estimate your award more easily. While the value of a case depends on numerous factors, the impact of a broken bone on the victim’s life is clearer than with many other types of injuries. Fractured bones are typically not complicated injuries. If liability for the case is clear, a broken bone claim can be relatively simple. The defense attorney and your attorney are more likely to agree on values and reach a satisfactory settlement without going to court. Settlements often reflect very similar award amounts to trials when it comes to broken bones.

If you’ve sustained injuries to the same part of your body in the past, this pre-existing condition could potentially affect your case. For example, if a plaintiff broke his femur in a sports injury back in high school then breaks it again in the same place ten years later in a car wreck in Fort Lauderdale, the defense could potentially argue the old injury made the victim’s current injuries worse than they otherwise would have been. Most jurisdictions will rule that the courts must look at the plaintiff as he/she is now – meaning, regardless of old injuries. The skill of your attorney can help minimize the effects of an old injury on your current fractured bone case. At Chalik & Chalik, we are Fort Lauderdale personal injury experts in this area and are here to help.

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Why Come to the Chaliks With Broken Bone Cases?

Jason and Debi Chalik have helped hundreds of people recover for minor to serious broken bone injuries in Fort Lauderdale. The Law Offices of Chalik & Chalik have decades of experience handling cases involving all types of injuries. Broken bones are some of the most common we see at our firm, giving us the most experience with this type of injury. Experience is key when it comes to effective legal representation.

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