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Any Tampa resident who has suffered any type of personal injury is entitled to claim compensation for medical costs, lost earnings, property damage and pain and suffering. Furthermore, punitive damages may be assessed if there is proof that the other party acted in a deliberately careless manner and/or if the plaintiff has a history of causing accidents or ignoring conditions that could potentially cause an injury.

While you do have a four year window in which to file a lawsuit, we encourage you to get legal help as soon as possible. The sooner you file your claim, the easier it will be for a good lawyer to gather evidence on your behalf and either take the case to court or help you win a sizeable settlement.

We offer a free consultation with no obligation to hire one of our attorneys. Our vast experience in dealing with a wide range of personal injury accidents, coupled with our winning track record, makes us one of the leading personal injury firms in the state. Even so, we do not charge you a penny until you have the compensation that is your due.