Pedestrian loses life in five-vehicle collision

A multi-vehicle crash occurred, killing a pedestrian who behaved as a good Samaritan. The tragic collision occurred in Cantonment, Florida, on, January 10, 2017, just prior to 6 p.m. on U.S. 29 and Hazzard Lane.

A Toyota XB and a Jeep Cherokee were going in the northern direction, and nearing Hazzard Lane in the outer lane of traffic. Simultaneously, a Mercedes Benz C-Class was in the inner lane, moving in the same direction. Driving in the southern direction were a Buick Century and a Dodge Ram.

While the operator of the Jeep reduced the speed to turn onto Hazzard Lane, the driver of the Toyota behind the Jeep neglected to decrease his speed. As a result, the two crashed. The Toyota circled into the inner lane of traffic, and struck the Mercedes, thereby causing the Mercedes to move into the southbound lane, and strike a tree. The Toyota kept rotating, and struck the Buick.

As reported in the Pensacola News Journal, 29-year-old Michael Bailey, of Gulf Breeze, got out of his vehicle to assist in the aftermath of the crash. He was checking on the condition of the driver of the Toyota when he was struck by the Dodge. Bailey was taken to Sacred Heart Hospital, where he subsequently died. The operator of the Toyota, a 17-year-old from Molino, received a citation for careless driving.

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