To Ban or Not to Ban? This is the Question Facing Florida Legislatures

While it already may not make sense that Florida is one of the few states without a cell phone/texting ban while driving, it should make less sense now. The Sun Sentinel recently released a report indicating that, in several Florida cities and counties, fatal Florida car crashes took place due to careless and distracted driving.

Details of the traffic-crash data from 2010 includes:

  • 26 fatal car accidents in Broward County were caused by careless driving.
  • Failing to yield the right of way caused the majority of deadly crashes in Palm Beach.
  • Other factors that led to fatal accidents included speeding and improper lane changes.


Crash data shows that Florida needs a ban on texting while driving

According to police officials, careless driving includes distracted driving and other poor behaviors at the wheel. Because police officers cannot write Florida motorists tickets for texting or talking on cell phones behind the wheel, these citations and accidents that are caused by such actions are categorized under careless driving.

Behaviors that have been known to distract drivers behind the wheel include browsing the Internet, texting while driving, and talking on handheld cell phones. In addition, applying makeup, shaving, grooming, and eating and drinking have also led to distracted driving accidents in Florida in the past.

Most people know that the combination of driving and using a cell phone is risky and can lead to serious South Florida accidents. Although this data once again proves this fact, the ball is still left in the Florida legislature’s court to come up with a law to combat distracted driving accidents and fatalities.

In the past session, several bills banning Florida drivers from texting were filed, but the state did not pass any of them. The only legislation that was passed was required education in driver’s education classes on the risks of driving while using a cell phone.

Is Florida doing enough to put an end to distracted driving accidents?

If you have been hurt by a distracted driver in Florida, you may not think that state officials are doing enough to keep you safe on the roads.