Florida Car-Bicycle Accidents Are a Troubling Trend

If three experienced cyclists in Brevard County have recently been injured in car and bicycle accidents in South Florida, then does anyone else have a chance of riding safely? The news regarding the third cycling accident in seven months to injure an elite-level cyclist has left the cycling community in South Florida asking: Is it safe to ride anymore?

The recent cycling accidents in South Florida to injure three elite-level Brevard County cyclists include:

  • Pete Carabetta – He was seriously injured in November when a Cadillac Escalade collided into his bicycle, sending him to the intensive care unit at Holmes Regional Medical Center. Carabetta is a multiple-time Ironman triathlete who is now left with multiple critical injuries.
  • Gary Stern – He was hit in south Melbourne Beach on A1A, which caused him to have reconstructive knee surgery. Stern is a five-time Florida age-group trial champion.
  • Tom Downey – He was struck on A1A near Aquarina when a car broke into the pace line. Downey is a triathlete and active Melbourne Village cyclist.


The three men who were injured in these South Florida cycling accidents are all avid cyclists who know their surroundings, pay attention to road rules, and attempt to cycle safely on Florida roads. So, if these three men were injured, it leaves other cyclists to fear for serious injuries or even fatalities.

In light of this news, it is enough to make a cyclist park their road bike for good; however, it shouldn’t have to come to this. Cyclists should be allowed to pedal on the road, but there are things a cyclist should never leave home without doing first, including:

  • Checking and pumping up tires
  • Inspecting front and rear lights
  • Wearing a bicycle helmet
  • Wearing reflective gear or bright clothing