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When to Lubricate a Tire Plus Dos and Don’ts

Tire lubrication is an important step in the tire demounting and mounting process. Professional tire installation technicians are trained to understand the importance of proper lubrication and what substances can be used. Failure to properly lubricate a tire during the demounting and mounting process can lead to improper mounting or corrosion on the rim. This… read more

Tire Mounting: The Right Way to Mount and Demount Tires

Tire mounting and demounting requires specific knowledge and tools. Only trained professionals should mount and demount tires. The Rubber Manufacturers Association has established guidelines for safe demounting and mounting which are available in manuals and wall charts often displayed in professional garages where these services are provided. Tire technicians are trained to safely demount, mount… read more

Hauling an extra load? Make sure your tires can handle it!

All tires come with a maximum load capacity that is clearly dictated on the tire itself. When you exceed this capacity by overloading the automobile, you may increase your risk of being involved in an accident caused by premature wear and tear of the tire. Tires can suffer excessive strain when the load capacity is… read more

Flap Failure: A Tragedy Drivers Don’t Have to Endure

Tires are one of the most important components of a vehicle and can improve or decrease the overall safety of a vehicle. Having tires on a vehicle that are designed and manufactured in an effective, safety-minded manner is paramount in ensuring motorists’ overall security and protection. Unfortunately, there are thousands of tires on the road… read more

Essential Reading for Florida Drivers: Incorrect Use of Tubes in Tires

While a car may have a variety of features that contribute to its controllability, handling and ultimate safety while driving, if a car’s tires are defective, the vehicle is inherently unsafe. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that tire failures cause approximately 11,000 crashes per year. Defective tires — and ultimately tire… read more

Tips for Checking Your Tire Pressure

Tires need to be in good repair and properly inflated in order to maintain their durability. Improperly inflated tires – both under- and over-inflated – can cause excess wear, maneuvering issues, and an increased risk of blowouts and crashing. Determining the Proper Pressure for Your Tires Before you check your tires’ pressure, you’ll need to… read more

National Transportation Safety Board Releases Special Investigation Report on Parasailing Regulation

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released a 33-page report regarding a special investigation conducted by the board concerning the safety of the parasailing industry. The NTSB conducted eight investigations across the U.S. involving parasailers who were seriously injured or killed. Four of the incidents occurred in Florida, including the accident where our client, Alexis… read more

Debi Chalik Quoted on Parasailing Regulations

Debi Chalik, founding partner of Chalik & Chalik Law Offices, was featured in the media last month when she publicly urged Gov. Rick Scott to sign new legislation that requires parasailing operators to take safety precautions and carry insurance. She was also quoted in local news coverage about the legislation, which is designed to reduce… read more

GM Recalls Around 5 Million More Vehicles

Earlier this year, General Motors (GM) announced it was recalling 2.6 million vehicles due to the presence of a faulty ignition switch. This specific defect could cut off the engine while driving, thereby preventing the deployment of the airbags in the event of a crash. This defect has been associated with 31 crashes and 13… read more

Avoid Sharing the Road with Cars on Bicycle Paths in Florida

People bicycle for many different reasons. Some do it for exercise, to save money on gas, or for sport and recreational purposes. But bicycling can be a dangerous source of transportation on Florida roads. Even streets with designated bike paths might not always provide the greatest protection from cars and put cyclists at risk for… read more

The Effects of Prolonged Labor

One potential risk of childbirth is prolonged labor, which occurs when the mother remains in labor beyond the standard period of time. This condition can carry a higher risk for birth injuries, and it’s vital that doctors monitor cases of prolonged labor and respond appropriately to minimize or avoid risk of injury. Prolonged Labor Overview… read more

Pool and Drowning Accident Statistics in Florida and the United States

Florida is a hotbed for private and public pool use, thanks in large part to the state’s year-round warm weather. But pools and other bodies of water also present certain dangers, and the state has the highest age-adjusted drowning rate in the nation at 0.7 per 100,000 people. Examining the statistics highlights certain hazards of… read more

Governor Scott: Please Sign the Parasailing Bill.

Just last summer, 17-year-old Alexis Fairchild and her friend Sidney Good were critically injured in Panama City, Fla. when strong winds snapped their parasail free from the tow boat. Despite the fact that between 1982 and 2012, 73 people have died and another 1,600 have been injured in parasailing accidents, the industry operates virtually unregulated. … read more

Could silica be slowly killing you? What Hydraulic Fracturing Workers Need to Know

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are becoming increasingly concerned with reports of injuries and illness related to respirable crystalline silica. This type of fine particle is often a byproduct of hydraulic fracturing operations, also known as “fracking.” What You Need to Know About… read more

Top-rated Tire Manufacturers: Who Can You Trust?

The integrity of your tires is extremely important for your safety while operating a motor vehicle. Great tires are key for ensuring: vehicular stability; great tread and traction; and the control of your car while driving. If you’re driving with tires that are defective, you may be compromising the safety of yourself and others. Many… read more

C-section: When It’s Needed & Possible Complications

A Cesarean birth is a major medical procedure performed on a pregnant woman who cannot give birth vaginally. It means the baby will be delivered by surgery, via an incision across the belly and uterus, rather than vaginally. When a C-section May Be Necessary C-sections are done because of pregnancy complications or because of complications… read more

New Ignition-Related Recall for GM

Earlier this year, GM issued recalls for ignition switch and airbag defects. The car manufacturer has been under scrutiny ever since. There have been at least 13 fatalities and 32 crashes caused by the faulty ignition switches. At the same time, evidence has emerged that the company knew about the defects in 2012, long before… read more

Faulty Light in South Florida Family’s Pool Electrocutes Child

The majority of Florida’s pool-related accidents and deaths are due to drowning, but other factors may cause the death of a loved one in or near a pool as well. Faulty pool equipment can also be serious problem, for example. North Miami was the scene of a recent incident. Faulty Wiring May Have Led to… read more

10 Things You Should Do Before Hosting a Child Pool Party

Florida enjoys year-round warm weather, allowing us to enjoy swimming pools and pool parties when much of the country is dealing with snow and ice. While pools are exciting and a great way to beat the heat, they have some inherent dangers that parents need to consider before hosting a child pool party. By taking… read more

Debbie’s Dream Foundation: Curing Stomach Cancer

As dedicated as Jason and Debi Chalik are to their legal practice, they are just as enthusiastic about supporting philanthropy in their community. An organization near and dear to their hearts, Debbie’s Dream Foundation (DDF), is a national advocate for stomach cancer awareness, research and support, and it’s located right in the Chalik’s own backyard!… read more